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    Dreamweaver falsely reports BBEdit problem after App Store install

    Gary Sprung Level 1

      I just installed BBEdit 10.5.2 from the Mac App store. Off course that did not include the bbdiff tool that Dreamweaver uses, so I had to use BareBones' installer to reinstall that. BBEdit now again works fine in my DW CS6 install, with "Compare with Remote File" and "Edit menu-> Edit with BBEdit" working properly. But every time I save, Dreamweaver puts up a dialog, "Dreamweaver has detected a version of BBEdit that is not Dreamweaver-enabled. Please upgrade BBEdit or disable BBEdit integration in Dreamweaver's preferences."


      Every time I save!


      What can I do about this new bug?


      I haver tried disabling BBEdit integration in the prefs, then re-integrating. After clicking BBEdit in the Prefs, Dreamweaver said BBEdit offers some good features and do I want to use them. I answered yes and that's that. Still getting the dialog about the version with every save.