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    CS4 Printing Issue

    RemoNonaz Level 1

      I am running into situations where the following error message appears when I try to print out of Photoshop CS4:


      Before you can perform printer-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer.


      This seems to be document related as I can have multiple documents open and some will print fine on both of my printers while the one that generates this error will not print at all. I tried saving one of problematic documents, which was a .tiff, to both .psd and .jpg and it still got the error when I tried to print it.


      I also tried printing the same document out of Lightroom, while it was open in Photoshop, and Lightroom printed it without any difficulty.


      I looked around on the web and found plenty of posts related to this message, but most of the advise ran along the lines of reinstalling print drivers or Photoshop. Knowing that most of the time I do not get this error - it is only with certain documents - I can't see how any of these suggestions would help.


      Can any one advise on this?