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    What is the best intermediate codec I should use for editing in Premiere Pro CS6


      I am a photographer  new at video edting and unfamiliar with codecs. I am working with 1920x1080p time-lapse video generated by Lightroom 4 via LRTimelapse, which uses H.264 mp4 codec.  My video clip has movements from a camera bump that needs stabilized via Warp, but it also needs slowed down a little to reach a specific length. Warp and Time remapping cannot be done on same sequence, so I think I need to export the the Warp stabilized clip to an intermediate file , re-import back in to PPro, and then slow down the clip. I have tried MXF OP1a: AVC-Intra Class 100 1080. The reimported mxf video blurs when previewing, but is sharp when clip is stopped. 


      1. What is best intermediate codec for further editing?

      2. Does it matter in which order Warp Stabilization and Time Remapping are done?

      3. Or is there a better way to stabilize AND slow down a clip?




      iMac 27, 2.8 GHz i7 quad core, Os X 10.8.2