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    Open the animation fullscreen




      I'd like to know if is there a way to open the html of my edge composition automatically in fullscreen mode on the browser.



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          hyadav Adobe Employee

          Define your stage width and height to 100%.



          Harshit yadav

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            HalftoneDesign Level 1

            I guess I didn't make myself clear.


            I'd like to make my html open on fullscreen by default in my browser, without the bars and all browsers stuff. I use Google Chrome, and there is a command to show the website fullscreen (command+control+F on mac). That's what I'd like to set as default!



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              shadowfax007 Level 1



              I'm not sure of the code needed but I'm sure with JavaScript, you could open another window (as in a pop-up window) and set it to full screen while turning off toolbars, address bars and such, then close the original window.


              HOWEVER, I would "strongly" think about this.  If it is for you, go for it.  If it is for visitors, I'd think hard about it.


              I, for one, would be VERY unhappy with someone changing my browser settings like that.  Even opening up a window full screen would bother me very much.


              I always try to keep in mind that a visitor has their browser set to the way they want it and any changes to that is going against what the visitor prefers.  Also, If I'm not mistaken, the next window the visitor opens in their browser will retain the settings you replaced with the new window.


              Just my 2c :-)



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                Thanks for the concern, shadowfax007!


                In fact, I'm working on a presentation, and I'm using Edge Animate to build it in html5 (instead of PPT, Prezi etc). It's not gonna be public, but a sale tool for my client, so, it's better if it would load fullscreen automatically.

                I agree with you about keeping the user's interface preferences, but I guess, in this case, the fullscreen default would be useful.


                I already read about the function "window.open(url,' ', 'fullscreen=yes'), but I dunno how to do it in Edge Animate.



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                  joel_pau Level 5

                  As it is a presentation, you can implement the fullscreen API.

                  But, it runs only with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

                  Here are 2 tutorials from Google and Firefox.

                  1) http://updates.html5rocks.com/2011/10/Let-Your-Content-Do-the-Talking-Fullscreen-API

                  2) https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/DOM/Using_fullscreen_mode

                  You will find demo pages.


                  Now, you can also try this code on a click event: window.open("http://www.adobe.com", "", "fullscreen=yes");


                  Browser will be fullscreen. It's a full screen window. cmd+w (Apple) or ctrl+w (Microsoft) to quit this full screen window.

                  ==> window.open() method.

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                    w3zard Level 1

                    Thanks a lot, joel_pau!


                    It's exactly what I'm trying to do...


                    The event "window.open" works well, but I need to load the page fullscreen automaticaly when the user enter the web address. Not a object to click and open another window.


                    These tuts you've posted is exactly what I want but....as a totally newbie in javascript (I swear I'm trying to learn it), I dunno how to put all those codes in my Edge Animate project. Can you help me?


                    Thanks again!