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    No sound on main movie

    eday_2010 Level 1

      I authored a Blu-ray in Encore CS 6. It has a motion menu and two timelines: one for the main movie and one for a bonus feature. The video for the two timelines are dynamically linked from Premiere Pro CS6, and the audio for the timelines and the menu are 5.1 AC3 files imported as assets. The sound was rendered out of Premiere Pro using Rovi TotalCode using the same settings as I did for the bonus feature audio and menu audio, which were also rendered out of Premiere using TotalCode.


      I get sound on the menu, sound in the bonus feature, but no sound for the main movie. I'll get sound if I have the dynamically linked audio in the timeline, but doing so renders out in stereo.


      I've tried creating another timeline and using the ac3 audio, but to no avail. The ac3 files works as I can listen to it in VLC Player. It does not work in Encore whether I scrub the timeline or not, and there is no sound when it is burned to Blu-ray whether I use Cyberlink Power DVD on my computer or my Blu-ray player in my living room.


      I was hoping I wouldn't have to use Sony DVD Architect Pro again. I'd like to use Encore because of its single multi-page menu feature.

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          I am doing a video for my Rocking Chair University. I make rocking chairs mostly BUT I also support my students with books and videos. As this is not my area of expertise I admit to being moderately stupid.


          That said, my current problem is moving from PP to En I lose most of my audio and in searching the forums/internet/youtube I find that Adobe has been unable to fix this bug for many YEARS now and since people keep buying their product they don't seem to give a crap about our difficulties.


          How about a class action lawsuit?? Anybody interested?

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The first step is to establish what the bug is. For example, if the bug is "no ac3 audio on bluray disk when audio source is ac3" then the bug can be reproduced (demonstrated) by putting any ac3 on an encore timeline, building, and showing no ac3 audio on the bluray.


            The more likely scenario here is that certain types of ac3 audio do not work. Some of those may be out of spec. I don't recall any discussion of Encore being unable to create Blurays with ac3 audio, but individual cases with problems.

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              rolyatlah Level 1

              Several points:


              1. Like many others I have read about over the last four days of accomplishing absolutely nothing while spending times on Adobe bugs. The first four or five times I used Encore from PP it worked flawlessly. Then, without warning and one completed DVD into a three DVD set, I can make no progress.


              2. I am importing video using a DCR VX2000 NTSC. I am making standard digital videos, not high def and not blu ray


              3. I created a two minute video using my internet camera, with audio, copied it into PP from which I invoked Encore and the same problem! No audio.


              4 In one experiment (which I can not duplicate) I envoked Audition from PP and converted all of the audio to mono (can't figure out how I did that as the only method I can find now is by changing a single clip at a time and that would take forever) At any rate, after changing all of the audio to mono, I then copied it using control C, went back into PP and using control V I copied it to an open audio track. I then muted the original video so I could work in PP and then with a mono track envoked Encore again and everything worked perfectly.


              5. I think that class action law suit is long overdue.

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The thread you posted on is addressing Bluray. I understand now that you are doing DVDs.


                I and many others have made many DVDs with no issues of loss of audio, whether bringing ac3 in from Premiere or bringing in WAVs and generating the ac3 in Encore.


                Are you saying that you are experiencing the "no audio" problem with projects using audio from your VX2000?

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                  rolyatlah Level 1

                  It happens with audio from the Sony VX, with audio that I recorded locally in voice overs and with the little video I did with my internet camera. Seem not to care from whence the video commeth!


                  It is worth repeating, like many others have experienced - it worked like a dream for a spell then everything went to hell.


                  I am serious about a class action lawsuit, this is absolute neglegence.

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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    CS6 with the 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 updates, right?


                    Edit: Sorry, sent too soon. To confirm, you can hear the audio and its previews okay, it is only in the actually burned disk that the problem appears? (There are other users who have had problems with hearing the audio in Encore.)

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                      rolyatlah Level 1

                      I don't burn a disk because I have NO AUDIO in Encore. From my first post "That said, my current problem is moving from PP to En I lose most of my audio"

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Thanks; sorry I missed that. Many of the problems reporting no audio in Encore itself have been related to solvable issues. I suggest starting a new thread and addressing  your current audio issue there.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          As a test, I would manually Export a Video-only AV file from PrPro, and an Audio-only file. For a DVD, it is probably just as easy to Export a DV-AVI w/ Video-only, and a PCM/WAV @ 48KHz 16-bit Audio-only file (unless you have DD 5.1 SS, which I do not think you do). Open new Encore Project, and Import the DV-AVI file as a Timeline, then Import the PCM/WAV as an Asset. Drag that PCM/WAV from the Project Panel to the Timeline, where it will snap into place. Do any navigation, and Preview. Do you now have Audio?


                          Good luck, and let us know how that test progresses.



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                            rolyatlah Level 1

                            Thanks Hunt,


                            Jeff suggested I export as an MPG2 DVD and that worked a champ.







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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              That is the other option. I was trying to keep it simple, as one needs to do a bit of Bit-Budgeting with the MPEG-2 DVD output. However, as it worked, and as the MPEG-2 DVD file not need to be Transcoded by Encore, you are actually ahead of the game.


                              Glad that you have things working well,



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                                rolyatlah Level 1

                                I appreciate your interest.







                                www.rockingchairs.net PO Box 58 Hartwood, VA 22471 540-903-9972 Cell

                                540-286-2586 Office

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                                  eday_2010 Level 1

                                  I see my thread here got hijacked when I initially had this problem. I don't remember how I fixed it, and am having the problem again. The long ac3 files plays fine in VLC Player, and Encore itself was playing audio fine until about 20 minutes ago. No sound when playing the movie in he timeline unless I start at the beginning; at some point in the timeline it cuts out. It's as though it's trying to conform the audio, but is taking forever to do it. The program is installed on a OCZ Vector SSD, and the media files are on a standard hard disk. This wasn't occurring until late tonight.


                                  Windows Pro 8.1 64-bit

                                  Intel Core i7 3930K

                                  64GB of DDR3 RAM


                                  Encore CS

                                  One 5.1 AC3 audio file in the timeline.

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                                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    If  you've waited long enough for a conforming activity, create a new project, bring in a short section of your 5.1 material. Does it preview?


                                    Now bring in your long one. Evidence of conforming? does it work?


                                    My guess, based on Richard's (I think it was Richard) comment in another thread, is that Encore must do something to be able to preview as stereo the 5.1 passthrough file. I also assume given what you needed to do in your project, that Encore may have just lost the preview info, or has become corrupt.

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                                      eday_2010 Level 1

                                      I left Encore open all night, checked this morning and it was doing the same thing. Last night I tried with a stereo wav file to check the sync issue I was having, and it would not play it at all.


                                      I get sound in the menu when running the preview, and it's 5.1 ac3. But no sound when I play the actual movie. I'll try deleting the the audio from the movie, giving the file a completely new name and importing it again. If that doesn't work, I will try a new project. I tried that last night with the stereo track (imported as a timeline) to see how long the timeline would be, but it would not play the sound.

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                                        eday_2010 Level 1

                                        So I deleted all the temp and preview files that Encore generates, and it seems to be working fine again. Time to bookmark this thread so I remember how to fix it the next time it does this.

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                                          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          Excellent! Now, while you still remember, and can tell us (and your future self when you visit this thread), what temp files? what preview files? Deleted through the Encore clean cache, for example, or close Encore and delete from that (and other) locations.

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                                            eday_2010 Level 1

                                            I have a 128BG SSD that I use just as a temp folder. I set Encore to use the same folder as Premiere Pro at first, and then it its own folder on the drive. I just go in there and manually delete all the files it creates. Then for good measure I delete again through Encore clean cache.

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                                              Here's my situation: I'm using Encore CS6, importing files made in PP CC. When I encode DVD files and import three clips, lay them on the timeline, make a menu and author a DVD, the audio works fine. When I encode the same three clips as blu-ray MPEGs and import then into Encore and put them on the timeline, the first clip has audio; the second and third do not. Two notes: when I preview or scrub the timeline, the audio works fine on all clips, when I burn the BD, it only shows up on the first clip. Second note: I imported clip one as a timeline; I may have imported clips two and three as an asset. I can't recall for sure.


                                              Could that make a difference? I could start over, but these blu-ray discs aren't the cheapest thing in the world and the less trial and error, the better.



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                                                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Put each video on its own timeline. Some audio problems that result from multiple videos on one timeline can be fixed/worked around, others are more difficult.


                                                If you want one timeline, export from Premiere as a single movie.

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                                                  Jschaberg Level 1

                                                  Thanks, Stan. I was afraid of that! The problem with that solution is that after each clip, I need to return to the main menu, and I don't think I can do that when all three videos are exported as one. Can I?


                                                  I guess I'll give it a try.

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                                                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    Not sure I understand.


                                                    If you export as 3 clips, put each on its own timeline with an end action of "main menu" (or last menu usually works fine). Make a playlist for the "play all." There may be a brief gap between each clip in the playlist, but your individual probably already allow for that.


                                                    If you export as a single video for one timeline, divide as chapters in Encore, and use "Chapter Playlist" to create the chapter play, with an end action on the chapter playlist for main menu.

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                                                      Jschaberg Level 1

                                                      Thanks again, Stan. I'm not sure what I was thinking, or not thinking, but you've paved the road to success.


                                                      In case no one's told you lately, you are the man.

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                                                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        Thanks! I hope it's smooth sailing right into the new year!

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                                                          HarleyTDavis Level 2

                                                          I've still been experiencing problems with this in CS6...

                                                          The dynamic link is, in fact, the culprit.  I opened the project files as text only, and they are xml tags.  In another post, I read that while the entire suite uses XML to build the project file (making them more space efficient as well as keeping duplicates of large media to a minimum), they don't use the same tagging.  While the dynamic link "server" can read most of the files from anywhere, there are some pieces that are not duplicated across programs.  Between Premiere and Encore for instance... ...The audio is KEPT AS PART OF THE VIDEO TIMELINE when you import a premiere sequence.  They haven't been able to explain why, but I'd hazard a guess... ...From the way their multi-cam process works on a PER TRACK basis, I'd wager that they didn't separate the definition of the TRACK to include whether it was AUDIO or VIDEO.  While this allows you to Multicam both, and jump between sources really easily, moving from one program to the next can be a problem when the second program needs to know exactly what type of track it's dealing with.  This is probably the main reason I've never been able to get an audio track actually show up in encore when I dynamically link it from premiere.  On top of that... ...You need to make sure you render your audio out completely.  Some ask why, and the only answer I can give (guessing here) is that the referenced (right back to the XML) preview files in your project do not render audio and video together into one file (your video output is a file that calls up another file)... ...they reference one file from another.  If there is no actual audio file to reference (a separately rendered audio file) aside from the original, there is no audio reference listed in the xml, and it doesn't carry over to encore.  With video, you have a definitive reference always; the original.  But the audio needs to pass through premiere into a referenced file for encore to read it.  Understandable...  Why such a screw up?  It's not.  Imagine working with a project where you have 5 cameras (all with audio) and 1 externally mixed audio source.  Once you synchronize it all, you create the cuts, and you put in any effects, you'll have numerous references in your sequence for the video and the audio.  With video, there is a preview rendered at the start, or at least referenced at the start (the video streams from your files).  But with audio, whether you have one track or seven, it all gets mixed into a single output.  This output references different points in your files, and will be choppy at best on the fastest system; getting worse with every source or audio track you add.  Once the mix is rendered, however, it is a single file and outputs just fine.  Encore will only accept this type.  It doesn't have the programming to work with effects and clips from multiple audio files on a single track.  So... ...you either render the whole preview out, with audio rendering, or you don't get your sound.  Adobe needs a rendered product to actually render a product... ...What else did they screw up?  Not much, but they certainly took the industry a few steps backward in their design of basic functions.  It isn't intuitive.  That means you actually have to handle a lot more on your own.  In doing so, they've cut down on the space you need for files, and trusted you to know what you are doing.  Did they screw it up?  Not sure.  On the one hand, they let you decide when to render.  On the other hand, they don't really warn you about dynamic linking audio.  It works perfectly everywhere you use effects and multi-reference tracks.  It doesn't work as well when you need a single output stream, unless you've already made that output stream.  An update to the dynamic link might include a check for a rendered audio preview that would render, save, then link.  It would be a small improvement, and might completely remove the "BUG".  I put it in quotes because it isn't exactly a mis-code, or a malfunction.  It's simply a caveat of the working function.