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    Using animated character states for web navigation

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      Hello everyone, can someone please post some links to Adobe Edge samples that are using character/ personality +small animation+ web navigation. This is just an approximate example I am searching for: a cartoon character is holding a sign, on roll over or on press state the sign expands and shows navigation elements to other pages of the website. Has anything like this has been done using Adobe Edge? I can't even find one example of such interactivity, can you believe this?? I remember when I was heavy into Flash (10 year ago) there was a lots of samples of such web navigation elements, whether they were usability friendly it is another question, but wanted to see if anyone has seen a resent implementation of similar concept online using Adobe Edge. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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          Have you look on youtube.com ?  I recall a tutorial that had a design, when rolled over did something and then opened to another page (It didn't open a navigation like you are wanting but it could be a start.


          As far as doing something like this in Edge, it should be quite simple to do.  You can set triggers to call other items on the stage; so you could create an animation and on mouseOver, have it expand and call a navigation "symbol" that could appear with all working links.


          Setting the links is easy - I'm working on a site that has the navigation buttons "Appear" from under a design at the beginning of the animation and are linked to seperate pages within the site.