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    Pagemaker 7.0.1a to InDesign


      What steps do I need to take to convert a highly formatted book of 412 pages to InDesign from Pagemaker 7.0.1a?

      I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I also have Creative Suite Premium CS3. Do I need to update to CS1 or CS2 before going to CS6? I plan to sign up for CS6 Cloud annual membership.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          No need to upgrade to intermediate versions.


          ID should be able to open the PM file, but you should un-embed any images and make sure all links are up to date before making the conversion or you'll only get the screen previews. And the conversion could be anything from near perfect to near useless, depending on the PM file structure itself.

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            Quasimodo44 Level 1

            Thank you much! I have been sitting here terrified of the results even though my files are backed up! However, you just enlightened me about the embedding. It is a sports book with 450 photos and 125 illustrations from Corel Draw. My hard drive was "accidently F-disked" by a shop and I lost half the book. I got recovery files for HALF the book about 15 years ago from a recovery lab, and some files I can't open but have about 200mb of data. Now everyone is asking for the book in Europe. Time to get moving and push the button! Do you know if there are any advances in data recovery from such loses?



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Opening the file in ID will not do anything to the original so you have nothing to lose by trying. If those are CDR files you likely got them in there through OLE which is not supported in InDesign. You'll need to open everyone of them in CorelDRAW and export them out as a supported format such as EPS, PDF or AI.



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                Quasimodo44 Level 1

                Thanks Bob! I have a lot of embedded work to do! I do have my original photos to link. However, the second half of the book may be lost. I am going to try to open these recovered files in ID to see if it can recover them. Some are .TMP files and some are pagemaker files that say they weren't closed properly. I think I have both for that section of the book. But OCR is one way I can do it since I have a hard copy. I coach sports in Europe and they are asking for a book for the sport. I will do an e-book next. Thanks again!



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  ID isn't going to open a .tmp file. You'll need to find a way to save all of them again from PM.


                  On the other hand, it may turn out to be easier, if you can find a way, to simply extract all of the text from them and start over. No matter what, this sounds like a major headache and a lot of work.