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    Cannot Copy Library Books To Sony PRS-350 On 2nd Computer


      I have been migrating to a new computer, and today I intended to move the administration of my Sony PRS-350 e-reader to the new system. I installed Sony Reader (the appropriate old version that comes with the 350) and Adobe Digital Editions. Both authorized just fine with the same id as the old system. The reader says it is authorized as well when I check it on ADE.


      On the new computer I have ADE 2.0, and it did allow me to download and read books from the library on the computer, however when I go to transfer items to the reader it gives me this error:

      CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - No permission to copy the book

      These books have all been downloaded as epub from an overdrive-based library system into ADE, as I have been doing all along.


      Since I wanted to be able to read these books, I went backto the old system and re-downloaded the library books to that version of ADE (it does not give me a version number, but it has a black background and I installed it not quite 2 years ago), and as expected, I was able to transfer the items to the reader perfectly.


      Some more info: Both computers run win7, 64-bit, and are intel-based. Please let me know if there are any other details that would be helpful.


      Any suggestions on how to clear up this problem? I did not find this specific issue covered, or perhaps I missed it. Any constructive help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.