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    PNG in Batch/Image Processor?

    eschelar Level 1

      Can we PLEASE have PNG-24 added to the Image Processor?


      I've got this basically down as it is quite similar to the way I used to process in batch back in 7.0 days.


      Set up an action with a save-for-web with a resize and a ctrl-alt-shift-S.


      Use Bridge - Tools -> Batch with an override save with some rules and a destination. Done like dinna! Well, sort of...


      However, there are two problems because I cannot use any of the smart features of the Image processor.


      #1 - I cannot use absolute size values, or "longest dimension" type resizing. In this one specific case, I have standardized sizing for my source images, and even though I have 5 different image configurations (ie 3000x2000, 2000x3000, 2000x2000, 1000x3000 etc...) because they all come from one source and have been pre-handled (RAW-Tiff + BG Extraction to PNG), I can just set a simple Percentage based resize. This is a rare case for me and often my source images are all different sizes


      #2 - Renaming abilities. These do not work correctly in CS6 Batch. I don't know why, but my suffixes are ignored and the destination file names are untouched by the "override save as" when I use "save for web". I can use the save-as, but it seems odd that the save-for-web isn't supported in the Batch.


      #3 Hassle. It's just more hassle overall and considering that I work in a 3-person team and my position is such that I am doing less and less of the actual PS work and more of the planning work, it's frustrating to have to teach these functions to our less experienced workers (who actually don't speak English, adding an even greater level of difficulty)


      Why not just put the PNG option in the image processor?


      Seems silly given the increasing reliance on PNG's for web design and the increasing user-friendliness of web design as well.