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    Weird HDD Read & Write Speed


      Been running some tests on my relatively old editing machine as i try to squeeze the most out of it before i upgrade within the next few months. I was quite suprised to see these speeds for the G-Raid:


      Raid0 2x750GB WD Green NTFS:       W158.4     R159.6

      Single 2TB WD Green NTFS:              W77.6       R78.0

      G-Raid 2x1TB Esata ExFAT:               W56.8       R134.9



      Any ideas? System is as follows:
      Q9550 @2.83ghz

      Asus P5q PRO

      8GB ddr2

      250gb seagate 5400 system drive

      Asus 670GTX 2GB


      I appreciate that the WD Green's are crap, the system was built well before i was into editing, i'll be steering clear of them when i get around to my new build.


      I'm trying to edit 4k scarlet footage and things just aren't going very well for me, understandably. I have been using the g-raid as the media drive so far and the raid 0 as the cache drive, will i see any performance increase swapping them over?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Depends on your workflow, how often do you render, but generally put the media cache on the fastest drive. Media is only read. Media cache is read and write. BTW, I'm not surprised by the G-Raid performance, considering it uses ExFAT and is only eSATA. I do understand your problems with 4K material on a slow CPU with limited memory and lacking disk setup. That is a pretty demanding task for a low powered system.


          All the Q9550 systems in our PPBM5 Benchmark are consistently among the 10% slowest systems and on average around 17 times slower than a fast system.

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            Regarding the R-RAID, your #'s are way low. You can try:

            - format to NTFS

            - update motherboard drivers and firmware

            - make sure windows caching is turned on for your eSATA drive letter and that buffer flushing is turned off


            I will assume that you have CS5, 5.5, or CS6 since you are trying to edit 4k Scarlet!


            No matter what you do with your drives, your Q9550 processor, which was introduced in early 2008, is pretty lame compared with newer CPUs.


            Make sure your playback window is way dubbed (i.e. 1/8 res) down and "render all" before you try to work on your timeline if you really need to nurse your old system along with Scarlet.





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              remoteman472 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated. I'll reformat the graid as ntfs and see if that has any benefit. Could it have anything to do with the fact that ex fat can't be defragged? Or is there some other inherent weakeness?


              I'm running cs6, can get playback at 1/8, but nothing higher. I usually have a full screen playback on my second monitor so at that res its pretty appalling ha. Would overclocking the CPU have any benefit at all? I've never tried.

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Well as it does not cost anything to overclock you might try it.   Harm, did a beginners overclocking guide to overclocking an i7 chip , it might have some usefull info that could apply to your earlier processor, or just search the Internet for your motherboard and overclocking.  It appears that we have a few successful overclockers of the Q9550 in our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5)

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  The Write speed shown for the G-Raid indicates Win 7 is throttling down the bandwidth on that drive set because it detects it as a removable drive but is not using the performance caching option. I would look at updating the driver and firmware on the E-sata controller. However 4K on that system will be a slow workflow.



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                    klfi Level 1

                    Harm, may i ask?


                    following your suggestion, drives sould beconfigured (Areca 1882)

                    X:/ 9 TB raid 0 ............            ..... Media cache, render, exports, pagefile

                    Z./  5 TB raid 0 (/or raid 3)......  footage, fotos, stuff, media


                    or vice versa,


                    thanks klfi


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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      You got me unawares and at the end of the day.


                      "Gömmer jetzt scho Hei? nei, nei, nei

                      Blyybe mr noch da? ja, ja, ja" (Trio Eugster, Namal urchig)Sound track


                      Can you fill me in again? I read so many posts and I'm getting pretty old, so my memory is not helping.

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                        remoteman472 Level 1



                        Formated the drive as NTFS and saw no increase in speed, it's currently empty (did a full, not quick, format) and i'm still maxing out at 54MB/s write speed.

                        Eric i don't have a stand-alone E-Sata controller, it's running through the adapter which came with the mobo, effectively an extension cable from one of the sata ports to the back of  the case. So there are no drivers? Apart from the general disk related ones which seem to be up to date. Caching for the drive is on and buffer flushing is off, i'm now going to make sure the mobo drivers are up to date.





                        EDIT: Updated the Sata drivers and i'm now getting 91.5MB/s Write and 141.6MB/s Read, should i be expecting anything else from this drive?

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          Try updating the bios and the controller driver for the sata controllers.




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                            JEShort01 Level 4



                            Your G-RAID numbers look a lot better, but not great - unless of course you have it configured as RAID 1 (redundancy) .


                            Assuming that your eSATA external cable is currently plugged into the JMicron "SATA on the go" port, you could try moving that cable to one of the Intel SATA ports and treating the G-RAID as a cold swap device (i.e. never plugging or unplugging the G-RAID unless the PC is turned off).