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    Repositioning without disrupting timeline possible?


      I have created my Animation:



      The stage size you see above is H: 400px, W: 550px.


      I would like for the stage to be smaller, say H:50px./W:400px


      Ok so if I change the size of the stage the animation text will not show, so I need to adjust the position of the text in order for the animation text to be visible, but in doing that, I am disrupting the timeline and the animation goes all funny, is there another way of doing this without disrputing the timeline?

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          shadowfax007 Level 1

          dancing diva-


          Can you upload a zipped file of your animation files so we can see?


          If you are changing the size of the stage, the animation WILL be off - Items on the stage are, by default, hard coded placements.  See the x & y and width & height of the items.  They are placed from the top left corner in pixels(again, by default-this can easily be changed).  This MAY be able to be fixed by changing these to percentages, depending on what is where.  If you set a min and max on the stage size, you can "move" the stage to these points to see what will work and how it will work (Example, I'm working on a stage for a smary phone - everything moves into place if the stage is set to the max width of 480px and also works at the min. width of 320px.


          Hope that helps - I can't really say more without seeing what you are doing in the code.