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    Synchronizing files

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          Synchronization would have taken a day or two, one file at a time, for thousands of files tiny and large; a nightmare!

          The instructions are ok but the product is a nightmare; a bad dream.

          I wanted to download a site that had been edited in another computer while this one was getting fixed. I also wanted to get a better product than Microsoft's Expression Web 4 that I inherited by upgrading and getting for nothing, all the way from the first Front Page that came out in the late 90s (memory ?). Dreamweaver is wonderful, so far, in many ways; but the ftp is a Nightmare.

          I bought this product on trust and recommendations, and possibly because there is no alternative. However, the horrific bug of one-channel one-file-at-a-time ftp, has lowered the credibility of Dreamweaver as a professional product.

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            DavidBeale Level 1

            "Nightmare" refers to the ftp; otherwise it has been delightful, fresh air, joyous. I just am gobsmacked that something as basic as ftp has been done so horribly badly! A website should be synchronised with a local personal/whatever computer; but taking a day or so to check it, after taking hours to download when an ordinary ftp client can do it in minutes...that is seriously faulty!

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              DavidBeale Level 1

              Ipswitch WS_FTP is downloading the site multi-channel many files in parallel, at max for the modem for the files that are not already in the directory. The maximum is better than 100Mbytes/minute; the Dreamweaver download averages in the hudreds of thousands of bits per second...hours instead of minutes.


              I hope that in the next few days...whatever... Dreamweaver can find out that the files on this computer are the same as those on the website; and I hope that after that only the changed files will get downloaded if they're edited somewhere else.

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                AndrewBuckle Level 1

                Just updated to the latest version of Dreamweaver on the cloud (build 6006) and now the synchorization is trying to sync all 19,000 files of my site and not just the four files that have been changed, This was fine before the latest update, the sync was correct and was uploading just the right number of files.. Now it wants to take hours to upload all my files again... perhaps a fix for this error can be created otherwise the dreamweaver synch is totally useless.

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                  DavidBeale Level 1

                  Dreamweaver need to multi-channel download the whole site then compare the files after that. Presently tiny files are downloading at thousands of the available speed, with long gaps in between while, what...?...are the files being compared before the next file is downloaded?  My websites were set up since about 1995, starting with Netscape, then Front Page...their code is a mess and some might have ref to version .00101/whatever of html yet have domr 5's content...but they work...and need to be upgraded. So far the downloading, for Dreamweaver, is a problem. At least it does connect!


                  By comparison, with Expression Web nothing could be done to be sure of making any type of ftp connection. EW-to-website connections had to be done, for EW to know what matched and what didn't). The Expression Web trouble was so bad it had to redo the entire site after changing from ftp to ftps to... and...any change of ftp protocol (trying to get a connection that would work if only after a reboot/whatever) would ensure file-mismatch warnings until returning to the protocol previously available. Any ftp client I have, except Microsoft's, has connected effortlessly to cPanel sites. All that Dreamweaver seems to need is to download-upload in bulk (and multi-channel for large files and many files in parallel) and use the computer's capability as a modern computer not one stuck with a few unit MB of memory from when --- when Dreamweaver was first mooted?

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                    AndrewBuckle Level 1

                    Seems the problem for me with the synchronization has been the change to the defaults in CS6 creative cloud update to 'put and get newer files' as the default. Now, I end up with 19,000 files in my synch list instead of just the files I have actually changed. The files on the remote server never change so I never need the get option. The put was fine. I only change files on my local machine to upload to the remote.


                    Is it possible to put the default preference to a 'sticky' setting so it actually recalls the last used option... so it always remains as 'put' or 'put and get' if that is what is required. It means now I run the synch, I have to keep changing the setting. A preference perhaps in the Dreamweaver preferences. I am certain the change will be popular with some users of DW but surely it will be a problem for many others as well.

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                      ctgizmo Level 1

                      I have the same request as Andrew713 - or maybe I can't find it. Is it possible to set a default for the Synchronize with Remote Server? For example, "Synchronize: Selected Local Files Only" and "Direction: Put newer files to remote"? Or have it based on the last used option.

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                        tharring Level 1

                        Could someone tell me please, why would synchronizing my remote files with my local files re-write all my local files and put them into public_html rather than just into my htdocs/nameofsite directory? I'm using CS6 on Mountain Lion 10.8.3. The reason this synch messed me up so much is now my Mysql doesn't connect to my Connections file -- which is now inside public_html. Any way to get it to just synch with the site name in htdocs, not public_html? Thanks.


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                          tharring Level 1

                          I figured this out. I needed to set my root directory as public_html in the Dreamweaver site manager for this web site, under server settings. Now everything works fine! I also learned that I'm only going to synch certain folders, not the "entire site" anymore. Don't need to go through those many folders that don't normally change anyway.

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