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    brand new to actionscript

      Hi people i am totally new to this! i generally know how to use flash with the frames and stuf but when it comes to actionscript i need to know more so! i have been looking at tutorials and by programming in other languages i cant understand how to input text!!! i know i can copy and paste but how do i just write code like i would for vb or php etc? it seems silly to either paste text or have to find what you want to do in popup menus...? is there a way of just typin line to line? i am using macromedia flash 8 any help appretiated. plus if there are any good beginner tutorials please let me know
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          just go to "actions" under window and start typing. You can set preferences there for scripting by clicking on the tiny dropdown menu icon on the upper right of the actions bar. If you click on frame 1, the script will attach to frame 1, clickon a button or movieclip to put the script in either of those.
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            Simply click a frame - having a 'script' layer is preferred - and then
            choose Window > Actions. If you have, or choose, the default workspace
            layout, then actions will be available in a windowpane, under the main
            stage. PS - do not attach code to MovieClips, or buttons, as the previous
            poster suggested. That is poor style, and is not even possible in CS3 -
            You can also use something like FlashDevelop, an external editor, to write
            code in. It's _much_ better than Flash's own editor.

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