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    Gradient Stroke Blends


      Hi. I like the Gradient Mesh a lot and am wanting to break the mesh down to gradient strokes. I'm not able to do that. So I thought I would try to work around it by trying to blend two gradient strokes. The result is what appears to be an envelope and interestingly enough the image is close to the Gradient Mesh. But I am still unable to get the gradient strokes from expanding my object. Doesn't Illustrator have the feature to blend two gradient strokes?

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          [scott] Level 6

          You'll need to explain further.


          I can create 2 strokes with gradients and blend between them. Then expand the [b]object[/b] and get gradient strokes. The main restriction is that it appears all blend generated strokes have the "within stroke" applied and with the live blend, you can't change that regardless of how the original strokes are set.

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            scribbles2day Level 1

            Yeah. When I blend the two gradient strokes I get an object of  the blend that by appearance is close to a gradient mesh. The option to "Expand" will be greyed out and the option to "Expand Appearance" will be the only highlighted option of the two Expand options. When I choose Expand Appearance, Illustrator will change the nature of the blended strokes into filled objects and the blend is gone, leaving only the two objects.


            What I'm wanting is blended gradient paths.

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              [scott] Level 6

              There's something you're not realizing and explaining. The basic steps work....




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                scribbles2day Level 1

                The strokes I'm using are set to "gradient along the stroke". The strokes you are using are set to: "gradient across the sroke". Also, your example shows that the "Expand" option is available. With what I am doing, the Expand option is greyed out and the Expand Appearance is the only available expanding option. The difference, apparently, is the gradient ALONG the stroke.

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                  [scott] Level 6

                  Okay.. it seems that any gradient option other than "within" does not expand as it should. All blend steps are drawn with the "within" option and only the "within" option allows expanding.


                  Looks like a bug or missing functionality. Nothing you can do about it until Adobe fixes it.

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                    scribbles2day Level 1

                    Yes. That is correct on my end. I hope it is just a bug. This would be an awesome function that would give me paths with the Gradient Mesh. :-)