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    upgrade to elements 11 - how to find photos from elements 3

    Foto Font

      My new computer runs windows 7.  All files have been transferred (by computer store staff) to the new one. I have elements 3 which worked fine on my old computer.  But the application won't open on the new computer; I get "lack of or invalid registration information".  I can't find the disk to re install elements 3.  However, I have the disk for Elements 2.  But the drive on the new computer won't read the disk (I use this drive often for other disks and it works fine).  I'm trying to import all the work I've done over the years in elements 2&3 into my newly purchased elements 11.   I watched the tutorial on upgrading from a prior version but it seems that you have to open the old version first in order to repair & import into elements 11.  My problem is I can't access the prior version.  Can someone help me?  thanks so much.