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    component problem

    DanelKirch Level 1
      If have a component (in my case List) where my dynamic data (data between XML-tags) is published, instead of showing entire XML lista, is there any way to shorten data down that is published ?

      Here's what i mean...
      My xml-tree looks like this:

      <mess date="2007-11-12">
      <text> some text</text>

      What ive done is that i made List to bind with <mess date="">.
      The problem here is that everything under this tag (till end tag comes) is also published in the List.

      If i bind list with <time> then the only message is show is between the time tag.

      Since this XML contains php then this XML-tree will grow and it would be much easier to sort information if i only could publish just one time-tag / mess in the List component.