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    Flash Player installs but won't work

    MCRoss1960 Level 1

      I recently upgraded to Flash 11.6.602.171. I'm running Windows 7 x64 and IE 10(32 bit edition). Installation says Flash successefully installed, but, embedded Flash content doesn't appear on web pages. All I see is a blank section where the flash content should be shown. Always work fine before, this just started after an upgrade to the newest version. Shockwave Flash object is enabled in Internet Explorer. Going to Flash in my control panel shows that the activex controls of newest version are installed. Here's what I've tried;


      • Gone through all the uninstall and install procedures outlined on Adobe's web site. No differerence.
      • I've uninstalled Flash and verified it is uninstalled as outlined on Adobe's "Find Version" web page as directed
      • Reinstall Flash and it says"Flash successfully installed"
      • Go to Find Version page and the Flash object doesn't show. When the page loads a grey box appears and then disappears and no flash object shows. Right click brings up the flash objects menu and I can access the Flash Player Setting Manager, but, can't view flash content.
      • I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and get same results.
      • Youtube videos work fine. Only embedded objects don't work.


      Other thing i've noticed is that Silverlight video doesn't show as well. Moving mouse around blank screen section where Silverlight video should be, mouse changes from pointer to finger and I click, video plays with audio but no video. I have also noticed that aero live preview on my taskbar now shows blank screens with icons instead of an actual preview of the windows. I'm thinking this may be a video display issue, but, have no idea as to how to proceed.


      Any  help is greatly appreciated

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          MCRoss1960 Level 1

          Problem is fixed for now. Reading through another post, I came across this;




          I posted my finding there. Bottom line is by uninstalling Windows update kb2670838, all my problems are gone. Seems as though lately I spend hours and hours on the weekends trying to fix problems that Microsoft Updates create on Wednesday and Thursday the previous week. Thanks Microsoft!



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            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for posting back the solution that worked for you.



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              MCRoss1960 Level 1

              Your Welcome Chris


              FYI, here's a summarry of my experience and findings from various forums regarding this update, hopefully it will help prevent others from the same issue or prompt someone to figure out a solution. From what I've read, my experiences or any combination of them are not uncommon;

              • I'm running Windows 7 x64 (updates current), IE9 on an HP ProBook 4730s. 2 years old, never had any issues
              • Last week Windows wanted to restart to perform updates. I let it and after restart I allowed Adobe to perform the updates that had been prompting me to install for a couple of days( Flash 11.6.602.171). Within minutes I started experiencing Blue Screens. This would happen randomally about every 5 - 10 mins. only with Internet Explorer.
              • Cause of Blue screens point towards igdpmd64.sys which is an intel graphics driver for hd3000 graphics ( I have intel hd3000 and AMD Radeon graphic chips.
              • I deleted all graphic drivers and reinstalled current ones from HP and got rid of my blue screens.
              • All worked well except, there was no Taskbar live preview(only showed icons instead of actual window), no silverlight video(blank section on screen), no embedded flash objects(only blank section on screen), Youtube worked fine, and no output for auxillary monitor on VGA or HDMI port.
              • I updated to IE10 with same results
              • I tried earlier versions of Flash with same results
              • I uninstalled kb2670838 and all works fine
              • Uninstalling kb2670838 also reverted back to IE9 so this update must be required for IE10
              • Hours and hours of work because of an issue with a Microsoft update. All issues are related to graphic problems, yet, the update was to improve performance of various graphic components. Yeh, it sure did! LOL

              Hope this is helpful to someone.



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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                Thanks again Mike.  I'm working to find the appropriate parties over at Microsoft so we can get this resolved asap.