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    Wierd things happen after importing AS2 component


      I am forced to use a fairly large amount of code that heavily relies on hard-coded depth. (Just about every line of code begins with _level0, _level1, or _level2.)

      I would like to use AS2 components with this code. Components mainly interfere with a pop-up type movieclip (with a button) that is dynamically attached to either _level0, _level1, or _level2.

      So far I have changed every getNextHighestDepth() to an specific number. This enabled the pop-up to be removed dynamically.

      The problems (occurring only after adding a component to the file):

      - The "over" state for the button on the pop-up only appears when the mouse is moving. It is possible to click the button, but take a few tries. "Spastic" would be the best way to describe it.

      - After the pop-up has been removed, several other buttons will only execute the "press" event, completely ignoring the "release" event.

      Somehow, the component is interfering... I suspect depth is involved, but I can't figure it out.

      Any help (or theory) on what's going on would be greatly appreciated!