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    Motion Tracking Help?? (CS4)


      I tracked a shot in Boujou and exported the camera solve to After Effects as a .ma format. I made sure all the frame rates were right and set the export scale to 1000. I then imported that .ma file into after effects and dragged it into my composition directly above my original footage. I opened up the subcategories for the motion track layer from Boujou and I know there are supposed to be a ton of keyframes that are all the motion tracking points, but nothing is there.


      However, if I right-click the motion track layer and click 'open composition', the composition opens up with a camera shape path and all the keyframes are there. However, now the screen is just black and there are no motion points being shown (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to show the tracked motion points).


      I tried copying this camera path shape and pasting that in the original composition, but that doesn't work either and none of the tracking points are shown. Neither does parenting the motion track layer or the camera path shape to the original footage layer.


      Could someone tell me what to do here? This is After Effects CS4 and I'm trying to overlay a dust effect so that it moves with the scene (I tried testing with a solid layer but that didn't work).

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you looked at the Bijou to AE tutorails. There are a ton of them on the web. I just don't know enough about your project to see what you're doing wrong but there are about 5 steps to bringing in either a Nodal Pan or a Free Move Bijou track into AE.


          Check this one out. It came up #1 in my Google Search: