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    2 Mac User Accounts - 1 cannot open a catalog




      I have a Mac with 2 users account (wife and I) and I have spent hours creating a catalog and setting up it perfectly. I now want my wife to be able to see this from her account.


      After many trials I have moved all my photos to the Shared Users folder and also created my catalog in the same folder. My wife can also see this folder but when I try to open the catalog from her PSE 10 account it gives a "The catalog cannot be opened. It is either corrupt, or the version is out of date and cannot be updated". It works fine from my account.


      The version is not out of date.


      Surely it must be possible for 2 users to view the same catalog on 1 PC, i.e. no multi user access as only 1 person can log in at a time. Otherwise everytime I load new pictures into the catalog and she logs in she will also have to import them without knowing where I have saved the photos.


      Any advice much appreciated.