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    Printer question


      Yeah, yeah....not InDesign direct question, but since it's the program I use the most.... I thought I'd pose it to the community.  I've been using a business HP inkjet 2300 for the last 8 years.  All of a sudden my output is all hazy and the colors are barely there--- (and yes, all my inks are new and filled).  I could service the printer or buy a new one.


      What does everyone recommend, since most of my output is InDesign output (and output from the web, Work documents, standard output)?  I need a small business type of printer, very fast output (black and color), has scanner/fax, and isn't too gigantic.  Mind you, I don't want a junky one that is obsolete in  2 years.


      Yes, I did my research, and it seems like HP or Epson are the standouts.  Is it stupid to ask if the printers are postscript ready??? Or are they all with postscript now.... Geez, I'm so out of it..... when you stay with one piece of equipment for a long time.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thx.