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    eraser curser question


      Can't believe I'm asking this - I have been using photoshop longer than I care to admit. BUT I opened the CS6 version, and started to erase something, and I couldn't get the curser to act right. I have it as a circle, and the amount of space it erased was only about 40% of the size of the circle, perfectly centered. I went into preferences and tried adjusting the curser preferences, and have the eraser set at 100%, so it's not a feather...what am I missing?


      I have aattached a screen grab (enlarged) of the curser circle I see, and the actual part that erases. eraser curser.png

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          R_Kelly Adobe Community Professional

          Since you posted in photoshop elements forum and if the below isn't the problem, you should ask over in

          the photoshop general forum where folks are more familar with photoshop cs6





          What operating system are you using?


          If your on windows i seem to recall some reports of out of date graphics card drivers causing a problem similar to your screenshot.


          If your on mac lion or mountain lion it's possible that the cursor size under Apple>System Preferences>Universal Access>Mouse and Trackpad

          is set to something other than Normal.



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            susilv01 Level 1

            Sorry - I posted in the same forum I had seen another eraser brush question. But I did get my answer. I am on Mountain Lion/Mac, and you were correct. The curser size under "Accessibility" was moved up higher than normal. Thank you!!!!!