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    Help: External Links not coming properly in generated chm file


      I am a new user of RoboHelp for Word/HTML. I am currently having Robohelp 6. But I have also used evaluation version of Robohelp 7.0. I am trying to convert .HLP files into .chm files.

      I would like to give an example for explaining things:

      Say I have two .HLP files say AHelp.hlp and BHelp.hlp. Now AHelp contains a link to some page (say VA_X.htm) in BHelp. And this link works correctly. When I generate CHM files from these HLP files, then though the link is correctly highlighted in AHelp. But it points to some incorrect page like BHelp.chm::/VA_X..htm. Whereas in BHelp.chm the name VA_X.htm has changed into say BHelp_Voltage_Amplifier_X.htm.

      So what can I do to correct this problem so that the links are generated correctly?

      Plz help!!