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    Convert Edge Animate Image to work in Word Press Site


      Help. I have followed the discusiion on how to take an animated image and import it into Dream weaver for conversion ( I am a dummie ) to the languages (yet) and novice to teh Dream Weaver and (how to). But I managed to get the files created and imported into Dream Weaver...and then,,,hmmm...Im not sure what I really need to do after that. I went onto my word press site and tried cutting and pasting the different langauge files on the HTML end to see if it would work no luck. Yes I was successful in a crome browser to preview when I created m image . Here are the files I had imported into dream weaver way over my head right now. I would liek to be able to expand and create more animated projects and be able to convert andor move them to a pre exsisting website I have Help ;-( 



      I put the links It created on here: so I could try to figure it out. But no luck http://namascorner.com/animation-projects/