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    GET.jsp not getting called


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to use GET.jsp to handle dynamic urls.


      In the component I have created a GET.jsp. The idea is to trigger this jsp to handle all requests with various values in the 'selector' section of the url, i.e.:








      So based on which service level this client in on, a different set of products should be shown.


      I understand that GET.jsp is on the lowest priority list when it comes to get triggered but still, it should be triggered, shouldn't it?


      Another interesting thing I noticed is that once I have the GET.jsp added under the component 'page', whose resourceSuperType is 'foundation/components/page', the 'Title' of any content page which is created based on this 'page' component will disppear. Meaning, when  you right click on and select 'Properties', on the first tab, the title field will be gone.


      How can I code a GET.jsp page properly to make it handle dynamic urls? Also, is it possible to add GET.jsp under the 'page' component (which inherits foundation/components/page)?