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    Sections and conditional text

    javier.arizcuren Level 1


      I work with technical documents that are translated into 5 languages. This documents have 16 main sections. I would like to put, in the footpage of any page, the name of the section. I know that I can enclose this 16 sections with the Numbering and sections options, but just in one language. I would like to put in the section marker name some conditional text (1 label per language): Introduccíón (spanish) Introduction (english) and so on. Is it possible?

      Another easy way to do it? I wouldn't like that the translators have to translate every section marker in every document. I want to make it automatic.

      Another option is create 16 master pages (one per section) and put on it conditional text, but I don't want 16 master pages.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          InDesign documents that are both multilingual and that use document automation (like running chapter heads) often become very unwieldy, because it seems to function as if the developers did not account for the possibility of needing e.g. five different running headers. (Try sixteen languages! It's a blast.)


          It sounds like you don't have a choice - obviously I'm not looking at your document so I don't know what kind of structure is necessary. Do you have to do this with conditional text? I would make five different Text Variables that were running headers that picked up five different character styles, one for each language. It strikes me as easier than doing it with conditional text or many master pages.


          If that won't work for you, maybe you can describe your intentions with some more detail? And maybe a screenshot?

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            Ellis home Level 4

            Does each section have a title that you can use for the running headers? Then it will be a matter of just have a specific paragraph style attached to the titles that the running header uses. And the translator have to translate the section title anyway. As Joel says, a screenshot will be helpful to understand better your request.

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              javier.arizcuren Level 1

              Sorry but I can't explain it as clear as I would because english is not my mother tongue.


              Yes, this sections have a title. For example, the point 1 is "Introducción" and I want that, in the footpage of the Introducción pages, put "Introducción" atutomatically. With the point 2, 3, 4, and so on, the same. Then, when I send it to our translators, they generate a new document in the target language based on the original. It would be nice if they translate those titles (Introduction, etc) automatically the footpage is updated.


              This book documents are divided in 3 .indd files: 1 per front cover and index. 1 per the body of the document. 1 per the back cover. I want this footpage just in the second .indd file.


              I use conditional text for some facts. For example, if you choose the label USA, you will see in the footpage "Instalation manual". If you choose Spain, you will see 'Manual de instalación'. In my first post I was talking about conditional text because I'm used to use it, but I can see other options.


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Running Header variables might work with the conditional text, as long as the styles used to trigger them are properly assigned to all of the different languages text.

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                  javier.arizcuren Level 1

                  Thanks a lot. I have done it properly with Heaver variables.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    The only snag I see in the use of the Running Header variable is that you may need to assign both a paragraph style AND a character style to each heading in order to set the language attribute correctly for each language so spelling and hyphenation are correct. Assigned language (for spelling and hyphenation dictionaries) is a character-level attribute, so if you are using a paragraph style running header variable, you'd need to reassign the language in an applied character style, or if using a character style triggered variable you can use different paragraph styles for each language that correctly assign the language attribute.