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    CS6: Reduce Background Audio Track Volume when Voice on second Track


      Hi all,


      I have a Sequence with two audio tracks. The first one contains the background audio and track two contains commentary.

      Is it somehow possible to automatically and smoothly reduce the volume of track of and do this only if the volume of this tracks audio is higher than a specific amount of the second tracks volume and there is segnificant sound on the second channel?


      I ask because volume of the background audio varies extremely and I want it to be played at its standard level if there is no voice on the second track. But if there is commentary the first channels volume has to be lowered. But only if it is too loud and would make understanding the commentary difficult.


      And of course I do not want to do this manually. I will have to apply this effect to hundrets of minutes of video every day.


      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance!