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    RoboHelp 7 - new files under source control

      I keep my RoboHelp project under source control using Perforce rather than the source control system that ships with RoboHelp. (The reason I use Perforce is that my company has Perforce administrators who keep the system running and ensure that the data is backed up in case of hardware failure. I don't want to take on that responsibility.)

      I discovered when I upgraded to RoboHelp 6 that there was at least 1 new type of file in RoboHelp and that I needed to place it under source control (there may have been more, but I don't remember). My question is:

      Does RoboHelp 7 introduce any new types files, and, if so, should they be under source control?

      Also, does RoboHelp 7 deprecate any types files?