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    Renderer: Ray-traced 3D - doesn´t work


      MacPro 10.8.2 After Effects CS6 CUDA 5.0.37



      I have a problem whith raytrace 3D renderer...

      3D form/ Objects rendered with raytraced 3d worked without any problems the last month.

      But now when I switch a layer into a 3d layer i cant´t see it any more.. please check out example


      but when I change the preview to "fast layout" i can see the 3D Layers..please have look to the example again



      I don´t know what I have changed?! Maybe it happend when I updated to CUDA 5. ??

      I tried to updated back to 4.. but its not working I also installed AE new ..but no change!


      thanks for any help, Jakob