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    Page Thumbnails not displaying in Pages Panel


      Hi all,


      Hopefully a quick question...I've searched through the Forum and not spotted a similar issue.


      I have a user who is experiencing an unusual issue in InDesign CS6 - Page Thumbnails aren't displaying in the Pages Panel (such that the panel is completely blank - no new page icon etc.), and Swatches aren't displaying in the Swatches Panel (default swatches or new swatches - the panel is completely blank).  I've checked all of the Panel Display options, and have toggled the thumbnail display size up/down, and on/off to no avail.  This problem is also non-document specific, it's happening on all documents either previously saved or freshly created.  I've also tried multiple workspaces and that hasn't helped.


      I've also tried binning the preferences  and this hasn't helped...   


      Any thoughts where to start?  My hunch is possibly plugins not working/missing, but I'm not sure what/where to check.


      Any help would be very much appreciated...