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    Trouble creating a PDF/x-3:2002 in Indesign 6


      I am trying to create a pdf for Blurb.com (book printing online). I am using their plugin for Indesign which provides their specs for proper layout. I designed the book, got my client's approval and now that it's time to creat the pdf it holds up. When looking at background tasks I was able to get to 18% done last week but now it's not showing any progress. I've tried their pdf settings as well as PDF/x-3:2002 which they say will also work but I get the same results. I've checked my images and made them as small as possible. I've worked with them on the problem and after a week they said it's not their problem and I should contact Indesign. I am desperate here because my client is waiting for her books and is getting impatient. Thank you.