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    Mute Sound To Other Pages

      I am failry new to actionscript. I have a movie flv playing on the home page with a mute button. The interior pages also have this movie, but the site is in coldfusion, so flash loads on each page. My customer wants the sound to mute through all pages if they click mute on the home page.

      Can anyone give me suggestions on the best way to do this and a code sample if possible?

      I was thinking either passing a url variable or setting a session variable, but I am unsure of how to do this in actionscript.

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          joeflashTO Level 1
          The best way to conserve client application states across different SWFs in the same client, or reloads of the same SWF in the same client, is to use a localSharedObject as a "Flash cookie" to store application state information on the client. Configure your SWF application to wait until it has checked the localSharedObject for information, and then configure your mute on/off accordingly.

          You undertsand, of course, that every time you load a new cfm page, the SWf will reload, as will your sound, even if it's cached in the browser. If all you're doing is conserving application state, that works, but if you want a sound to continue playing from the previous spot when it reloads... well that's dicey, if not downright impossible.

          My recommendation if you want continuous sound playback, is not to use different SWFs.