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    Export from Premiere... "Match Settings"  Or?

    soloalpinist Level 1

      Hello All:

      I have a project in Premiere Pro 5.5   I'm working with AVCHD 1080P footage. I need to export the project out of Premiere Pro C5.5 in a format/quality that will allow me to drop in into another Premiere project (on another computer) running Premiere Pro CS5 (not 5.5) All the footage is 1920x1080P .


      When everything is done the final project will be burned to DVD and I want it to be Widescreen.


      I've exported the project from Premiere 5.5 using the "Match Settings" format in Media Encoder and the results look decent.  In Adobe Media Encoder I tried exporting with Quicktime as the container, Animation, PNG and Photo Jpeg etc...  but everthing is either Letterboxed or looks like hell... or both.


      Is my best bet to stick with "Match Settings" for what I need to do? For some reason I can't get the "Render Maximun Quality" setting to work in this settting. (The Adobe Media Encoder Log says Quality is at 50.)


      I've read up on various Media Encoder Export settings for Quicktime (Animation, PNG etc) but I don't understand how to get the footage exported in these formats to match the 1920x1080P project.  What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance for suggestions...