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    After Effects CS6 Screen Fluttering  HELP ME!!!!

    Sturgie1 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      Ok so I have seen a few threads about this with CS5.5 but nothing with CS6.  First here is my coomputer set up.


      AMD FX6100 3.3 chip

      Quadro 2000

      8 gig of ram

      MSI 870 motherboard


      Creative cloud suite cs6 with newest updates


      So here is the issue I had a GTX 550ti card worked great until it burnt up during a long render had to replace it.  Got a GTX 650 and my issue started. I was getting sudden screen fluttering and not responsive messages.  This would happen no matter what I was doing.  Found out the card was not certified and Adbose told me this was the issue. I then returned that card got a 560 SC card again same issue this time worse.  Once again told by adobe it was a card issue. So again returned the card. 


      This time I had already now made 4 trips back and fourtht o the store.  Sorry I almost forgot I even updated my power supply to a 750 watt bronze because Adobe told me maybe i didnt have enough power to drive my video card.


      Ok so now I bought the Quadro 2000 card.  So this card is supposed to work flawless make things run great.  Well guess still having the exact same issue.  I have reinstalled after effects three times. I have done clean installs of the video cards and now Adobe support is telling me to get the card checked yet again??????  I bought the card two days ago been through three card including the mothboard graphics. 


      I dont care how great Adobe products are there is now way every card I am trying is bad and the software is great.  There has to be a setting i am missing or something.  Does anyone know a answer to this?????


      Help Me Please!!!

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Flickering displays are almost always an issue with either the card or the display/graphics driver. Be sure that you have downloaded and installed the most recent display/graphics driver for your card.


          If you want additional help with this, begin be giving the version number of the display/graphics driver that you are using.

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            Sturgie1 Level 1

            The driver I used is the optimized one for after effects from the nvidia website.  it is New in Release 311.25

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are you saying that your whole display is flickering? What are you doing when this happens? What is the exact text of your error messages?

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                Sturgie1 Level 1

                Yes I get screen flashing flickering.  During this process I get not responding Error.  Basically I open after effects.  WHen I move the mouse anyplace inside of after effects it happens. I hit new it freezes, I scrub and it goes crazy to the point I have to CTRL-Alt-DEL just to get my computer back.  Sometimes it causes my windows crash and have to be restarted.   This whole thing started right after I burnt up my 550TI.  I did a 4 hour render got a error 16 on my card call EVGA they told me it was fried. I replaced it first with a GTX 650 and that is when all of this started.  Since then I replaced the 650 with a 560 sc then a 570 and now I have a quadro 2000  not one of these cards stopped the issue.  The only cards i know that are certified were the 550ti the 570 and the quadro I have now.


                I have installed the latest drivers I even had Adobe log in three times into my machine and each time they told me they would look itno the issue and call me back.  So now here I am 3 months later have yet to get one phone call back and everytime I call in or do the live chat i get told to replace the card. 


                SO my question is simple its not the cards because 5 cards could not all go bad in a row. 


                The only information I am finding on the web is that open gl needs to be turned off.  CS^ you cannot do that.


                I have reset after effects back to default settings and turned off all GP rendering as well as interleaving and cache.  Still having the same issue.


                If I plug my monitor into my onboard card all issues stop.   So I have figured out it has to do with having the monitor hooked up to the graphics cards. 


                The other thing I have tried to do just to verify my PCIe isnt bad is I borrowed a 550ti from a friend and again worked fine.  Now when I hooked up my orginal 550ti I did not change a single setting on my after effects.


                When I got the 650 I ran the hack for the GPU and changed some of the settings until I found out that no one was able to use the 650 card.  Then I got the 560 and I wiped out after effects reinstalled fresh did not change any settings and same issue presented.


                I then got the 570 and a 750 watt psu  figured ok this is certified should work.  Again no luck.  I returned that card got the quadro 2000 same issue.


                I do not know if when I installed the new AE if it kept the hack and that is causing the issue or not.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  You're referring to having "burned up" and "fried" a hardware component in your computer. That makes me think that you likely have remaining problems with your hardware, even after swapping out a graphics card. This is not something that you're going to get useful help with on a forum about After Effects.

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                    Sturgie1 Level 1

                    See thats what I have been trying to figure out. Acording to EVGA when I rendered the 4 hour comp they told me that caused the 550ti to throw a code 16 witch means the board on the card overheated.   They also told me they were surprised it finished the render.  When I asked if it would have caused other damae they told me know because code 16 is the thermal overload protection code and they have that to prevent other issues.  So what your saying is I probably damaged my PCIe slot or soemthing and the settings are not causing the issues.

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                      Rosa Brand Level 1

                      Actually, I am having a similar problem, but I know my hardware is in tip top shape and that we have the latest drivers installed.


                      Comp details:

                      CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz

                      RAM: 32 GB

                      System: Windows 7 Pro (SP#1)

                      GPU: nVidia Quadro 4000 (Driver version 311.06)

                      Motherboard: ASUS Z9 PE-D8 WS (Workstation)

                      Hard Drives: System runs on Intel SSD 520 series @120GB, Adobe Apps is Intel SSD 320 series @80GB, Storage is Seagate 1 TB, Scratch/Cache is 2x Seagate 2 TB{Raid 0}

                      Software: After Effects CS6 (Version


                      The problems occur whenever I use a plug-in for AE that uses Open GL, in this case Element 3D v1.5 by Video Copilot. The whole screen flickers (my main screen, as I have a duel-screen set up) at start-up, during fast-preview renders, and while working on a composition. The flickering goes on for anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute (approx.). I notice that my task bar shows multiple AE windows opening and closing repeatedly. Again, this only happens whenever I use plug-ins that use Open GL. I can use Trapcode Particular v2.0 with thousands upon thousands of particles, albeit slow, yet a simple set of 3D objects in Element 3D v1.5 immediately causes the error. Unfortunately there is no window that pops up to tell me what the bug might be.


                      I've attempted to solve the problem using some of the solutions from another thread (http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/kb/troubleshoot-opengl-problems-effects-cs4.html). However, I am still encountering the same problems, even after I change my Preferences. I know it has to be some kind of setting or some issue with Open GL. I had the same problem with another computer (my gaming rig), which was much worse than on this workstation.


                      I am at a loss of what to do at this point. I've done the reinstalls, the cache clean ups, etc.


                      Additional information added by RM Brand

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                        Matt Dubuque Level 1

                        It seems plausible that attaching a screen shot using the Camera icon at the top of each reply could be helpful for others to assist you.


                        As a general rule, a screen shot accompanying any help request is always a beautiful gift to each and every one of us who would like to help you.  Show all the key settings in that shot.

                        It also speeds up the response time greatly and really reduces crazy guessing in the dark.



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                          Rosa Brand Level 1

                          You want me to screenshot a flickering screen? That won't be very productive, and frankly I have no inclination to FRAP it either.


                          I do think my husband has come up with a possible solution (for me, at least). Changing Adaptive Resolution to Fast Draft cuts out the flickering...so far. I'll keep you folks up to date to let you know if in fact this works permenantly.


                          The solution comes from the following article http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/rendering-opengl.html


                          Specifically this quote:


                          "Fast Draft mode has replaced the original OpenGL renderer. To enable Fast Draft, click the Fast Previews button on the Composition panel, and choose Fast Draft. Fast Draft causes slight appearance differences in the Composition panel, best suited for quick previewing. Fast Draft is useful for setting up, and previewing a composition for later rendering in ray-traced 3D.+"


                          Although it doesn't address the actual issue, it might provide some insight in where the problem really lies. Only the future will tell.

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                            Matt Dubuque Level 1

                            I stated it was plausible that it could be helpful.  Perhaps there was some text displayed on a small portion of the image that could be helpful


                            I'm not positive it would be an abject waste of 7 seconds of time to do so. 


                            It's all about the complex tradeoffs of managing risk.



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                              ColorMotion02 Level 1

                              I am having the same nasty flickering AE UI problem, except in my case I'm trying to just view Red R3D's, before processing. 


                              My setup is nearly the same as the one mentioned above, ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS with 2 Xeons, Quadro 4000, and I have 64Gb. of RAM.   I wrote a lengthy description here:




                              Since, for me, AE worked fine with the same Quadro 4000 working with R3D's on my older 4 core i7 machine, but it's clearly not happy on the new 16 core machine, my current theory is that it's something not working properly with the high core count.   I removed all my additional hardware and put up a clean OS install on the 16 core just to try to prove this conjecture, and for now it still stands.  I posted a bug to Adobe, trying to get some suggestion about what to do, but nothing's come back so far.

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                                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                > I posted a bug to Adobe, trying to get some suggestion about what to do, but nothing's come back so far


                                If you want/need a response, contact Adobe Technical Support:



                                The bug report form is for reporting bugs, not for requesting assistance and suggestions. You'll only get a response if we need more information to understand the bug report, and even then the response may be a long time in coming, since we process the bug reports in batches periodically, not in real time. Technical Support, on the other hand, is specifically for responding to your issues quickly and helping you to find solutions.

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                                  Sturgie1 Level 1

                                  OK just one more note on this.  I have now replaced my mother board and processor as everyone even PNY was telling me it could be those items.  It is still happening and it is now happening with even my windows 7 screens.   PNY and Nvidia told me that they now think it is my card.  I ran a GPU stress test and it benchmarked at 205 on super high with no errors. 

                                  I ran three RAM tests came back fine no errors and clocked at 1.45.  Last thing i did was change out my cabling to the monitors.


                                  I believe there is a conflict with the new drivers that Nvidia has put out.  I cannot get them to confirm this yet but figuring that my 550TI got the x00000000016 code the day after I upgraded the drivers to 311.15 and then every other card i installed wanted that driver and had the same issue I am guessing it is a bad driver set up.


                                  I have recently upgraded my driver to the beta version 311.35 and the flickering seems to happen less now in AE but still continuing to have ghosting and retention in windows UI.  When I change my render mode to raytrace only the UI in AE almost stops the flickering. 


                                  I am not sure how this will effect anyone else but i would say try changing to raytrace mode and see if that changes anything. 


                                  As for the remainder of the issues I really am not sure what to think when it comes to the UI for windows or any other program.

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                                    ColorMotion02 Level 1

                                    I threw in an old Asus low cost GPU for a short while last night, and it looked like the flickering problem did not happen with that card, whereas all of my Quadro 4000, Quadro K5000, and GTX680 have the problem, so I was starting to think the same as you.  There is a possibility that the Nvidia driver is the source of the problem.  I'll be testing it some more tonight.  Did you try to roll back to an older version of the Nvidia driver?

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                                      Sturgie1 Level 1

                                      No I have not PNY told me that would cause more issue with CS6.  I will try that tonight and let you knwo what I find out.  I might try and roll back to 296.25.

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                                        Sturgie1 Level 1

                                        Good Morning all so i talked to PNY yesterday.  They are now blaming it on my mother board and the drivers and bios.  I updated all of my drivers as well as rolled back to 297.25 driver for the video card.  No help there still having the issue on everything.  I did however remove the card and run off the on board video and no issues. 


                                        So I guess I am going to chalk this up to a bad set of new drivers created by the manufacturer.  The only advice they could give me was to keep trying to roll back my drivers until the issue stopped.


                                        All this tells me is i should have gotten a AMD  firepro card instead of a nvidia.  I think adobe should think about switching certified companies since from everything i am seeing on the nvidia sites is one bad driver being created after another.  Now 311.35 is out and i noticed a bunch of people complaining that one no working either.  Nvidia seems ok for gamming but for professional graphics if they keep creating bad drivers it is making thier cards useless.


                                        I am going to try what the man at PNY told me I spent 4 hours last night replacing drivers updating bios and rolling back video drivers and nothing is working.  I am pretty sure this is not going to be adobe issue but more of a nvidia driver issue.



                                        Hope this helps everyone.


                                        I do have one question though for Anyone from Adobe what is the best setting for AE for the best over all working enviroment. I know it changes based on what you are doing but a good baseline would be nice to start with and tweak from there.