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      37 hour wake-time have had its effect on my now.

      i have a input textfield where you are supposed to type a number and that in the other hand will be a value for this code

      nyttpost_movie.nyttpost.text = "<font color='#FF0000' size='"+ $text_size+ "'>";

      now im stuck and cant think clear , how to do it in simplest way ?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You have an example in the current code... using .text for setting the text property of your new textfield. You just need the same property to access the current value of any textfield. Assuming the input field is called numberTextField and is in the same timeline as the script...

          nyttpost_movie.nyttpost.text = "<font color='#FF0000' size='"+ numberTextField.text+ "'>";

          If both textfields are visible at the same time, then you would probably want to run that code in the onChanged handler for the number input field.

          Also note, that displays the html, it doesn't use it for formatting in nyttpost_movie.nyttpost.text . I'm assuming that's what you want.
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            DanelKirch Level 1
            Thanx GWD!
            it worked out perfectly