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    Web Service Issues

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      Anyone what the hazard a guess why this keeps coming up on my web service?
      Web service operation Search with parameters
      {minprice={40000},cities={ARMADA,ARMADA TWP,ARMADA
      VLG},basement={},maxprice={150000},garage={},footage={0},bedrooms={3},UserID={8675309},ba throoms={1}}
      cannot be found.

      I have refreshed the web service in the admin, I have checked the cfc to
      make sure it was there using the cfc reader. I used createObject and
      cfinvoke. I used the cfinvokearguments with the omit set to true for
      optional arguments.

      I am at my whits end....

      Its there, I can see it on the web, but I cannot call to it...