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    Audio channel balancing


      Hey guys,


      I'm a newbie to Adobe Premiere .... and just started playing around with CS5; need a bit of help with an issue I've run into.   I searched the forum and didn't see the answer I was looking for .... maybe I'm not using the correct search terms?




      I started recording video interviews using two lavalier microphones (one for the interviewer and one for the interviewee).  When I play the clip in CS5, I can see that the recording is stereo; however most of the time .... one channel would be silent because only one person is talking at a time.


      My question is .... how do I balance the channels so it doesn't sound like mono once I export the clip.    I thought about the fill right & fill left .... but that would overwite the exisiting information on the track being copied over ....



      Is there any better way to do this?   Thanks!!!