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    Upgrading plug-ins?


      I need to open a file that was created a year ago but Indesign won't. It says I need to update the plug-ins or download the latest version. I just updated the software and restarted my computer and it won't open. Is there something else I can try?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the InDesign forum.  What verson of InDesign are you currently using?  What version of InDesign was the file created in?  Which operating system are you using?  Finally what plug-in is being indicated as missing?

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            PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

            Launch Adobe Bridge and browse to the location of the InDesign file. Select the file within Adobe Bridge and then on the right side metadata panel, check the version of InDesign with which the file was initially created or last modified. Then accordingly, download the trial version of InDesign from prodesigntools.com. Open the file in that version. Then export to INX or IDML depending on the version. You'll be able to use the interchanged format of the file in later versions of InDesign.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              That error message means the file was saved in a more recent version of ID than you have installed. There is no way for you to open it without the newer version. You can determie the version using the script here: Adobe Forums: [Ann] Identify Your InDesign File


              If you created the file and it has not left your control, you must have had a newer version, perhaps a trial, installed at some point. If someone else worked on that file, ask them to export it for you to .idml which you should be able to open in CS4.

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                meging Level 1