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    Help importing Custom Flex Components

      I'm a graphic designer who is trying to learn some of the basics of Flex in my free time and I've come across a problem that I just can't seem to overcome. I constantly see these great flex components that people build and give away on the web. There are no instructions on how to install these fine items so I made the mistake of thinking it must be easy. I come to find that after 1 year of trying I cannot get any of these things to run properly (1046 errors). Even this forum when I previously posted could not figure out how to get Eli Greenfield's various offerings to work on their computers and he works for Adobe. Could anybody point me to or offer up a tutorial for the non-programmer on how to install components like this?


      On the cover flow component I get the SWC files imported but I still received a 1046 error which I seems to mean the classes are not install correctly. WTF!!