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    Polygonal Lasso tool exits closes without automatically PSE10- DO NOT TELL ME TO LEARN THE PEN TOOL!

    tobyhawksmoor Level 1

      I have been searching for the answer to this and have not been able to find one and I can not believe there sin't one. Most just say -'Learn the pen tool' which isn't very helpfull as a. this should be an issu in the first place. and b. from what I can see there isn't a pen tool in PS Elements 10.


      I am hoping this new thread might finally provide me with one...


      I am running Windows Vista 64bit I have 8gb Ram and a decent video card


      So I am making a lot of tricky selections of window panes and if I leave the cursor for too long it auto closes my loop with out me asking.


      I am not:


      • Double clicking
      • Single clicking
      • Anywhere near the end point
      • Doing anything else apart from moving cursor to the next location to make a point


      I have:


      • re-instaled PSE 10
      • Changed compatibility mode
      • held down the left mouse button on the bottom left info pane to get a 'not responding error' why this should help I don't know but was suggested in another thread. It's doesn't work...
      • Changed the sensitivity of my mouse settings


      This seems to be a bug that alot of people are expereincing. If no one has a solution how do we escalate this to Adobe to sort it out?


      Thank you to all who respond.


      ps please please please do not sugest to use the pen tool or I will hunt you down - I have PS at work and know how to use the pen tool just fine. I can't afford PS at home so I have PSE