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    Droplet broken in Photoshop CS6


      Since switching to CS6 when I create an image resize action in Photoshop the action runs correctly but if I

      create a droplet then the action makes the image width and height deminsions the same matching neither from

      the action.


      It makes a 2550 x 1880 image, that I'm trying to convert to 612 x 432 into a 512 x 512 image.  It also

      seems to be having an issue with eps files, because when I open the same eps again and run the action

      it adds a '-1' then '-2' then '-3' and so on, to the end of the name.


      I've tried it on three Macs works the same on each one.  I'm try to convert .eps files created in illustrator to

      .gifs for web preview.  I can make an action in Illustrator, but there's no droplet.  And if I save the files

      in .ai then the action for the droplet won't make it past opening the files.  Even though suppress action

      open prompts are turned off. 


      Is this broken or am I doing something wrong?  It is the same work flow I've been using since CS3, but does

      not work anymore.