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    Best quality to save jpeg - 10 vs 12?


      I am new to photoshop elements and have a question...


      After editing what quality setting is most popular for re saving jpeg images?


      The original size of my images are around 5mb, if I edit and re save at quality 10 they save at around 5mb, if I choose to save at quality 12 the size jumps up to around 12mb -15mb.


      The file size jump between quality setting 10 and 12 is pretty big, after looking at the image quality I personally could not really see any difference between 10 and 12.


      Should I save all of my photos at quality 12 or am I just wasting space? Is quality 10 just as good?


      All of my photos are personal photos that will just be viewed on a computer screen and TV.


      Any advice/feedback from the experts here would be appreciated.