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    advice wanted: best paper to use in picture book

    teloscientist Level 1

      We have a costume jewelry book with thousands of high quality images, most are carefully editied against a white background, on white paper.


      We had originally thought to use a glossy paper. It was suggested to us that we use a matte paper with a spot varnish on the images. We were told that this would heighten the contrast between the matte paper and the varnished image, and would reduce fingerprints and glare off of the page.


      We have also been told (by someone who was in the printing industry a decade ago) that the pictures will be less vibrant, and that gloss is the only way to go.


      I need to talk to a printer or someone with more current experience. We want the most vibrant pictures possible, with the best user experience of the book. Do you have experience/opinions on this, or can you turn me to someone in the industry who I can have a 10 minute conversation with?


      Thank you, Mark