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    deleting comment lines in CS3

      I have a simple question for you because I did not find any topic related to it. I have a web site with long lines of actionscript and all script lines are commented by using info with "//" before them.
      For example:
      //button actions:
      butAbout1.onRelease = function():Void {

      How can I remove these commented lines and not just the comment "//" characters easily without having to delete them line by line manually?
      I only want to remove the "//" commented lines but not the "/*" ones. I also have some "/*" lines which should not be deleted.
      Thank you in advance,
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          sly one Level 1
          Simplest way is to use the Find/Replace dialog in the Action Pane in Flash and just find each instance of //, click the line number and delete the line. More advanced forum members may be able to tell you how to completely automate it in a code editor by creating a regular expression.
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            One option is to open the code in Dreamweaver or some other text editor that supports regular expression search and replace. The regular expression would be something like:

            "\/\/.*" (without quotes)

            Be careful though, the regular expression will match anything starting will "//" including URLs. If you are sure all of your comments start with a "//" and followed by a space, e.g. "// " you could change the regular expression to "\/\/ .*" (without quotes)