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    Problem with Login Access.

    Mustafa Chowdhry10

      I am new to Adobe , i just created an account on getsatisfaction and Photoshop ,but in the photoshop part it wouldn't accept my password due to the number of characters, but before i write another password I got a notification on the ID which i used for signing up for me to confirm . I confirmed it but did not know the password , and after clicking the link it led me to the photoshop login page where i tried loging in with my password but it wouldn't work so i tried the other one but still nothing, so i reset my password but when i try to login now , i get nothing either other than the site saying " It is no longer possible to create a Photoshop.com Acount" . What Do I do ?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator



          I am not sure what the cause is of this error at this time but I am looking in to this issue.

          Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator

            Is it safe to assume you first logged in to adobe.com to get an adobe id?  What is the reason you are trying to get an account on Photoshop.com? If you want to save and share photos on the cloud, I suggest you create an account on adoberevel.com. Since you appear to be trying to create a new account, I must assume you have no photos on Photoshop.com so there will be none to move to Revel. You can just begin in Revel. We are in the process of migrating users from Photoshop.com sharing and storage to Revel.



            Here is a link to our FAQ information as to what is happening with Photoshop.com and Revel:




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              Pattie I have the exact same problem as the starter of this thread.  I too am a new Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 user.  I created an Adobe ID and personal url.  My main issue is when opening either program I cannot sign in with my Adobe ID so how do I then export anything to Photoshop.com or Revel for what they call the GALLERY. (I am still learning all the Adobe lingo!!)


              After entering my D.O.B. and personal URL and check off the 2 boxes regarding Privacy Policy and TOS I submit.....and then get FAILURE prompt and nothing has been saved.


              With my Adobe ID if i try to log into photoshop.com it says It is No Longer Possible to create a photoshop ID.


              That is my dilemma....if I cant tie my PE 10 programs into photoshop with a log in from program.....how do I then tie into REVEL (where i AM able to sign in with my Adobe ID)



              Thanks in advance to anyone that can help...I have posted in about 3 different forums now! 

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                Pattie F Employee Moderator

                It is not possible to create a new account on Photoshop.com now.

                (Visit this link: FAQ: Is it no longer possible to create a Photoshop.com Account?  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1163124?tstart=0 )


                Since sharing and storage on Photoshop.come are going away, I recommend getting an Adobe ID (adobe.com) If you do not already have one, and then you can create an account for Revel through the app or at Adoberevel.com from a aweb  browser. You can use your Adobe ID   or login with Facebook or Google email and password  if you prefer.


                Elements 11 has connectivity with Revel. Elements 10 does not, but if you don't want to upgrade, you can still copy files from your hard drive to Revel manually.


                All jpg files on Photoshop.com are moving automatically to Revel.com unless users have no files, opt out, or migrate manually.  See our forum for further explanation on the migration.    http://forums.adobe.com/community/ps.com_sharing_and_storage


                It is not clear what your goal is here so if that was not what you needed to know, or if you have more questions, please reply back.



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                  luckenbaugh9357 Level 1

                  Pattie my goal i suppose is to click the Sign In link within my PE programs and be able to Sign INTO my adobe account.  It acknowledges it found my Adobe ID but I cannot complete the SIGN IN process due to Failure.


                  The first link you provided says IS IT no longer....  not  IT IS no longer possible......in fact Pete who wrote that FAQ post says if you have the prob to reply here. (though i could not REPLY in a FAQ thread.  I do have a PM into him hoping for an answer!    I agree it must not be possible to create a photoshop ID.


                  I provided you the info that I have an Adobe ID

                  and I can sign into Revel.


                  I will ask you this....is it worth upgrading to Elements 11?  Heck I just got 10 from Amazon and I am barely functional with it.  But if it allowed me better access to Revel that may be worth it?? ( is there a big improvement in features?)




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                    Pattie F -


                    I am having the same Issue.. basically when i open my Adobe premiere elements 10 (i do not have the photoshop disc) only the video editing software... and i Sign in with my adobe id and pass word with in the program ... either at log in or inside the editing software it takes me to a screen that more less says " You are only a few steps away from getting all the adobe benefits blah blah". I choose date of birth and enter a photoshop.url name and BAM!! Here comes the failure message..

                    How do we get around this if we didnt have an existing photoshop.Url or whatever?>


                    If you can no longer get one. Why is APE 10 still available for purchase if a guy cant even log in? here is a few pics of itlog in.jpgerror message.jpg

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                      Pattie F Employee Moderator

                      Photoshop.com sharing and storage has been discontinued. Any Adobe program that used to access it will likely error since they can  no longer login. Here is a link with some information you can read on the topic:



                      Jpg files stored on photoshop.com were migrated to revel for users who ok'd it. Photoshop Elements 11 can communicate with Revel (older versions interfaced with Photoshop.com).



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                        Brandon.thompson5757 Level 1

                        That link doesn't help me on how to solve my issue. Basically the way I see it is I have a program which should more less be discontinued because if you didn't have a PhotoShop account prior to June or whatever that date was, you will not be able to sign on your adobe elements 10 editing program and receive the benefits as a registered adobe consumer!... Pardon me if I sound rude but, this issue has been a run around for me. So can you tell me if there is a alternate way around this or am I basically screwed?

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                          Pattie F Employee Moderator



                          I'm sorry if you got the run around from someone. I will state the facts and you can decide which option suits you.


                          You can use Elements 10 as it was desgined,for editing. You can't however upload to Photoshop.com since it has been discontinued. Since Elements 10 was not programmed to know about Revel, it can not upload to Revel. You can, however, save yoru edits to the hard drive and then upload to Revel from the hard drive, or you can upgrade to a newer version of Elements that communicates with Revel and upload that way.