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    Smart objects from Illustrator and Indesign dimensions problem


      I have been trying to find an answer to this problem for 6 months now and surprised no one else has tried to find any answers.


      When we import something from illustrator or indesign as a smart object, for some reason the objects width and height will not keep their  dimensions in proportion.


      When the asset is first imported as a smart object it says the width and height are exactly 100%. However after that if you try to change the dimensions they will be out of proportion, usually the width will be 100% but the height will be out by about 1% to begin with. When you scale up, the percentages fall further and further apart. See image attached.


      This has become a real problem for our workflow as the creative director insists we must  correct every layer which has this issue by typing in the sizes manually, but then this doesnt always fix the problem either depending on which version of photoshop you are using.


      Why does this happen, and how can we fix it for good?


      Thanks, Chris.