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    Random Black Flickering when playing .asf files


      Hi there, I've tried finding a solution to this issue for a while now, but google has failed me.


      I'm having random issues when importing ASF Files into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, the playback will suddenly start flickering (Random empty black frames) for no reason, despite the original asf file playing normally.


      The original file was recorded in wmv but that was causing problems so I had to cut them down to smaller sizes using ASFbin. Like I said earlier, the original files work perfectly fine, it's as soon as I import them to Adobe Premiere that I have an issue


      I don't have this issue with other file types such as AVI (which is what I will be using from now on).


      My computer specs shouldn't be an issue since it's fairly new, but just in case:

      CPU: Intel i7-2600k @ 3.4ghz

      RAM: 12gb

      GPU: Geforce GTX 570


      And I have plenty of space on my 2nd harddrive to store all the videos, like I said, the flickering issue ONLY happens to the ASF files during importing.


      I'm thinking the problem might have started when I split the video up using asfbin, since I have another WMV file that works fine in Premiere, but wouldn't that affect the asf file playback by itself too?


      This is a really annoying problem so any help would be greatly appreciated and if I'm missing any info, please let me know.

      Thank you.


      Edit: What's weirder is that it's not affecting ALL my asf files, just a bunch of em.