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    Movie Clip button gotoAndPlay doesn't work

    pixelmech Level 1
      Hi there,

      Been struggling with something easy, trying to make a button using a MC. It's a simple square that goes to full alpha when rolled over, and should navigate to another scene when pressed. The rollover part works fine, but the switch to the scene does not.

      The main issue is the onRelease - "ratingsStart" is the frame label name of the first frame in my new scene. When I press the button, it is getting the event - I can see a test message sent via Trace(). But for some reason, it does not load the new scene. I tried the scene name as well, that does not work. I do have a stop(); in frame one of the new scene so it should go there and stop.

      Is there a better way or have I made a mistake in my code?