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    InDesign or Muse?


      Hello forum,


      Can I use InDesign as a web design tool or should I subscribe to Muse?


      I would prefer to use the software I've already got.


      I need to build a simple, clean and attractive site that includes a photo album.


      Thank you.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign is DEFINITELY NOT a web tool. You should use Muse which is an excellent web tool by all reports I've heard.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            And if you know InDesign, implementing Muse is a breeze.


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              Seamus_Warren Level 1

              Thanks for the comments.


              I am new to InDesign but already like the environment and the concept of web design from a publishing perspective.


              My unsderstading is Muse is subcription-only and not stand alone software I can buy as a one-off purchase.


              I only want to make one or two websites updating them from time to to so a monthly subscription seems a bit much for my needs.


              Of course, Muse sounds pretty cool though. Easy for a dummy like me to use.


              My current web site is pretty appalling. It's an interacitve PDF here:




              EDIT: If the purpose is to showcase self-catered accommodation, I should consider using existing online providers like "stayz" or whatever. Will go check out these options when possible.