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    Cross-reference mixup after package

    lilis_skyremix Level 1



      I've got a question regarding InDesign cross-reference.


      Here's the background:

      1. The original source is stored in F drive.
      2. Packaged source is stored in C drive.
      3. For each of my drafts, I need to attach the packaged source with the PDF.
      4. I have 10 cross references in a 100 page document.


      The question is this:

      When I package the InDesign files, I assumed that my cross references will be updated to the InDesign files in the packaging directory.

      But when I checked them out, the cross references were still linked to the original source. So I had to manually update each cross reference to the packaging directory.

      Although the PDF works fine, I have some concerns about this situation.


      Does any one else had this problem? If so, are there any solutions to this issue?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.